You might not ever see it, but TRUST US, you need it!

Armor is one of those things that isn't often spoke about. Well because frankly, its out of sight and usually out of mind.

Dont' worry We have you Protected

There are different levels of armor in our suits depending on which model you select. The main difference is the impact rating, or in layman terms.. "How bad of a crash can the suit handle"

Lets make this simple..

[See below or watch this video:]

  • CE Rated and Approved - YES
  • Quality Manufacturer - YES
  • Level 1/2 - BOTH
  • Proven Technology - YES
  • Breathable - YES
  • Replaceable - YES
  • Re-usable (After crash) - YES


Some Images of Our Various Armor Used Below

Chest Armor
Hip Armor
Shoulder Armor
Back Protector (Optional)
Elbow Armor
Tail Bone Armor
Knuckle Armor

Any more questions.. please drop us a line or get boat loads of info here: