Schmotter Motion is a US based engineering driven company launched in 2019 focused on new product innovation and existing product improvement. We are Racers and Engineers, so we know first hand where the voids in the market are. We are here to squash those and get your existing products to the next level or make new ones.

We are highly active in the motorcycle roadracing scene and love to hear the customers needs or even wish list, so we can focus in on exactly what is needed, where certain products fall short and even brand new products you wish were available today that just aren't.

Our Visioneering department is all about ideation, turning concepts into real life. If you have an idea of how to improve a product or a vision of an entirely new one; shoot us a line and we will make it happen!

Nothing is out of reach for Schmotter-Motion; Now Go Get Riding!

We are extremely excited to launch our motorcycle roadracing suit line partnering with NF Moto LTD out of the United Kingdom!

NF Moto has been a symbol of quality and craftsmanship in roadracing leather products right from the get go. Our products are not only unmatched in quality, they also meet the highest level of safety. The service we provide ensures unique design, a perfect fit and 100% customer satisfaction. This brand was launched in 2011, and we are happy to say since then it has been recognized as one of the best in quality, safety & service all for the right price. 

We provide you a combination of world class service to match the world class product. Our features are the best in terms of quality all around the world, and as a result we warrant 100% customer satisfaction. 

We use world class materials from top of the line suppliers. One of the biggest issues with custom made suits are the sub-par zippers. We import genuine YKK zippers directly from Japan, a world renowned supplier and a symbol of strength and quality. We offer a 100% warranty on all zippers used in our suits.

We use the highest quality leathers to manufacturer all of our suits. We offer leather in various thickness variations for Cow hide leather and Kangaroo leather, even stingray skin. We can accommodate all type of artwork. We have state of the art machines to meet all logo/patch requirements.

For your peace of mind, or if your just curious we can provide progress pictures of your suit as it goes through different phases of production. Once your suit is complete, we will show you pictures of the final suit before it is shipped. 

We use CE APPROVED (Level 1 and 2) TPU & TITANIUM protections as well as German SAS-TEC armor with the ability to use any other armor manufacturers as requested.

Safety of the Rider is of primary importance to us.